Carbon & Graphite Products

Carbon & Graphite Products

TUF Group is involved in processing and trade of following products:

Graphite Electrodes & Nipples

  • Regular Power (RP), High Power (HP) and Ultra High Power (UHP) grade with 3TPI / 4TPI
  • Nipples combination and in diameter ranging from 75 mm upto 800 mm with varying lengths for steel making through EAF route.

Carburisers /Carbon additions

  • Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC)
  • Anthracite Coal
  • Metcoke
  • Graphite Granules / Scrap
  • Other Carbon Additions

Carbon Electrode Paste

Used for Ferro Alloy production in Submerged Arc Furnaces. Base material is CPC or Anthracite or a combination of both depending upon required properties / application.

Tamping Paste

It is CPC or ECA Coal based lining paste used in ferro alloys industries for the lining of furnaces.

Graphite Speciality Products

TUF supplies specific machined graphite parts / shapes covering wide range of applications in Steel, Aluminium, Electronic & Jewellery Industry, Powder Metallurgy, Heating Elements for vacuum furnaces, Dies, Rods, Tubes for Chemical heat exchanger and parts for various other equipments. These products are machined specifically as per client's drawing using special grade graphite mould stock depending upon the end application.